Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My Grumpy Day

For some reason I was in a bad mood most of Saturday. After putting up with it for most of the day Elf invited me to go for a walk or a drive and give her a break. So I went up to North Hobart and had a walk around my old neighbourhood just to have a look. I actually felt like a tourist, and I even had a flowery shirt on.

I parked up the end of Mary Street. It's quite bohemian (for Hobart), with lots of cats and kids. Some of the houses are quite ramshackle, but in a raffish and groovy way. There is a substantial brick house on the corner that has a huge yard full of sheds - each one more tumbledown than the last. There is a great view from this corner, over lower North Hobart, the Glebe, and down the river. The bells at Holy Trinity were ringing.

I walked up through the main drag of Elizabeth Street, and then up Commercial Road where I used to live. Nº 20 is looking quite tidy, and it's now cream and green, rather than white and brown. I walked around the back up Commercial Lane where I used to park the car. The lane used to be very rocky and rough. Its been graded and it's obviously used a lot more now.

At the top of the lane I walked back down Commercial Road. The old entrance of Friends School has been snazzed up quite a bit. For some reason they have nine flagpoles. Nine? Can't think why.

Bought some veg at a new place called Fresco. Tiny aisles, had to keep going round the long way to get to things. Pretentious mum in the queue ahead of me. Her little boy was wailing and she said to the checkout lady "He'll do anything to get attention. He's a real little Stelarc, he'll be hanging himself up by a meathook one day". She name-dropped a performance artist and predicted self-mutilation for her child in one sentence! Neat work.

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