Monday, February 27, 2006

Marcus' 4th birthday bash

We had a big party for Marcus yesterday. He will actually turn four tomorrow, but as he is tall for his age and has swallowed a dictionary, we have been thinking of him as four for a while.

We hired the South Hobart Community Centre again. We invited our friends with kids plus some of Marcus' mates from school, and ended up with 22 children to entertain and feed, plus parents. We were keen to avoid competitive games so Elf organised a craft table, and I organised a treasure hunt, and it went off very well. As always there was too much food. I think all the kids had a nice time.

My Mum and Dad made the trip down to be there which was terrific. The boys love having them around, and it was very helpful to have another two pairs of hands to keep the party on the rails.

Some of the attendees are from the Mothers Group Elf was assigned to when Marcus was born, so those boys always have their birthdays around the same time as Marcus. In fact Liam had his party later the same day, so after going home and getting the boys to bed for a rest, we had to haul Marcus out to attend. I am always spared from going to Liam's, so I fell asleep in from of the soccer on TV. Ah, bliss.

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