Friday, October 13, 2006

2nd hand name dropping

A friend of mine who sometimes checks here (hi Jeff) recently went to his annual reunion of footy kickin' mates in Melbourne, which they call Superkick. It's like kick-to-kick Olympics, with various events. Jeff is a bit of name dropper and he revealed that famous singer-songwriter and national icon Paul Kelly is one of his footy pals.

One event was "Freeform"- I will quote Jeffrey's stream of consciousness style

in the freeform event one is aloud to do what ever they want "drop kick to a running man is Kelly's favourite mine is "the coach has been sleeping with my wife and although I have been able to block it out and play I have a flash back while trying to control a dribbling ball, I pause, deliberate, but stoically push on to collect the ball and bang it through the goals on my alternative foot. i missed but still scored close to maximum

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