Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Starfish hands

The boys have been generally great about getting their conjunctivitis drops. Occasionally they arc up. Last night Elf and I were giving them their drops in the car before we drove home from Citrus Moon, as we thought they would both fall asleep on the way. As I put in the drops Marcus started carrying on, saying it was stinging.

Elf started flicking her fingers, saying "Come on Marcus, starfish hands, starfish hands, take your mind off it". Marcus was crying and blubbing, but manfully tried to flick his fingers like Elf. I too was carried along by her enthusiasm, saying "Yeah, c'mon, starfish hands" as I gave him the last eyedrop. I figured it was a distraction routine Elf had worked out for giving them their drops while I was at work.

Today I found out that she made it up on the spot. Somehow she thought of saying "Starfish hands!" right there in the moment. I can only admire her quick thinking, and wonder at the strangeness of her mind.

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