Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Bowling Shanes 14 d Kitties 7

The Shanes kicked off the new season with a competent performance against the Kitties. We dominated early and had pretty much secured the points when it was 10-0 and already getting dark. It was a cool evening, and the Kitties had some cardigan problems that probably cost them two or thgree shots. Hunter skipped the Shanes for the night, and took best afield with some tremendously precise tidy-ups.

Several of the better teams from last season failed to front tonight. I'm afraid we might have monstered some fragile egos in our unstoppable surge to the finals in June. Just as well they weren't there to see us handed the (now engraved) trophy once more, and finally get our hands on the legendary medallions.

The Shanes have been re-badged as "The Bowling Shanes Premiership Defence", and we have strength in depth with the return of our little mates the Bowling Shanes 'A', plus a lydies team known as The Dancing Simones.

From little things, big things grow. I imagine by 2026 we will have clubrooms, our own greens, pokies and Thursday bingo, with Ian Turpie or Lucky Grilles live on stage on Saturday nights.

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