Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Bowling Shanes Prem. Def. 17 d Sisters of Sincerity 6

This game against the old foe was uncannily similar to last week. We are becoming Dusk Specialists. A tight beginning with some generally poor bowling in warm but blustery conditions. Ends went either way as the score snudged along to 6-6. Hunter elected not to smoke this week while skipping. He has learned the basics of skipcraft from Dean, and true to form, was often busy on the phone when needed for some wise counsel.

Eventually as the sun slipped behind the smoothly robust Plaister Stand, and dusk fell, we came into our own. Or the Sisters lost the plot, more like it. Somehow we piled on 11 unanswered points and the score blew out. Sally skipped the Sisters well, but perhaps needs to remove her sunnies after nightfall in future. Our best was probably Hunter, who has started Mo-vember early with a beautiful Chopper Read lookalike mo.

At one stage the Sisters' lead suggested they needed to go man-on-man. If can each beat our direct opponent, he said, we should come out on top. While I am always glad to see footy tactics utilised on the green, I believe bowls is not quite like that. A team's performance is more than the sum of its parts. We did not bowl that much better than them, but we cleaned them up.

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