Tuesday, October 10, 2006

3 cheers for Layne Beachley

I have never paid much attention to pro surfing, but no-one could fail to be impressed by Layne Beachley. She has won the world title six times, and has now established the Beachley Classic, the richest women's surfing competition in the world.

She was instrumental in re-etablishing the women's competition at Bells Beach. The sponsor withdrew in 2001, meaning there was no womens' world championship surfing event at all in Australia for three years. Beachley approached her own sponsor SPC in late 2004, and talked them into supporting the whole event on their own.

Now she has worked her butt off to get another World Tour event, the Classic, up and running in New South Wales. I admire her energy and determination very much. She's in the running for her 7th world title, and I hope she gets there.

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