Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Kamarians are coming

When the Australian Defence Forces are practicing defending Australia with the use of force, they always call the imaginary enemy "Kamaria". This is to avoid upsetting any of our friends and neighbours who may at the time be considered a likely threat. I recall when I was briefly an army reservist in the 80s, a wizened old Warrant Officer saying "always obey orders without thinking, because when the Kamarians come over the hill if you don't shoot them they'll shoot you in the blink of an eye". While doing a bit of research for work I found this bit of Kamarian insignia.

For realistic training to be available to the troops there has to be an "enemy". In the Australian Army the "enemy" is the 7th Kamarian Division. A special group of Australian soldiers who regularly "invade" Australia or "attack" vital installations.
They have their own type of displaced pattern camouflage uniform and their own Unit insignia.


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