Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Nah, yeah, just got in from the... coast.

I've got my sunnies pushed back carelessly on my head, traces of yesterday's zinc cream on my nose and a bit of sand in my rope-soled boat shoes. No, not really, although that's the image I will be carefully cultivating now that we live in a Beach House.

Moving was very exhausting and isn't complete yet, but all that's left is little bits of of stuff that needs to be shoved in boxes. We have a garage at the Beach House, which in retrospect should have been an essential criterion of the places we looked at. I now realise that if we'd been accepted for either of the two in Sandy Bay we would be in big trouble now, trying to find homes for all this junk. The garage sale is not far away - there is no way we are taking this all back to the New House.

Cultural note on Kingston - one of the aisles at Coles is labelled Brans.

Here are a few pics of the move so far.

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