Thursday, October 19, 2006

The ute - its kind of like a pickup truck

I rang Hertz last night about 8.30 to book a ute to help us move. After 6.00 it seems that calls are transferred to the USA. Apart from her accent, I could tell by the echo that we were talking internationally. I asked for a Hilux Flat-tray.

Hertz [reading off her screen] Flat-Tray Utility. Is a utility a van?
Me No, it's a ute. It's, aah, like a small truck. You're not actually in Australia are you?
Hertz Yes sir. It's a pick-up truck?
Me [Sigh] Yeah, a pick-up truck.
Hertz I'll put in a request, there'll be a two day wait on confirmation of that. What number can we call you on?

I rang the local office this morning to change the booking to a truck. They had a record of my request, and that it had been denied (no-one had called me). I changed the booking to a truck, which is all OK.

Just now my mobile rang and it was the same woman calling from the USA, to tell me my request has been denied, and what else can she do for me?

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