Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Bowling Shanes Prem. Def. 16 d Spice Girls 6

The score above does not do justice to a cracker of a match. The Girls (skipped by a Steve) were in fine form, and had us on our toes right from the first end. When we bowled well, they bowled better. When they were a bit slack, we were worse. The score crept along to 2-3, with neither side able to capitalise on some promising work by the leads. Both skips sent down fabulous saves to pull back looming disasters from the brink. We conceded a couple, picked up one, then dropped another to be in some trouble at 3-6. It was a seven-ciggie match for Hunter. Nerves were taut.

Somehow we turned things around. At times there was an uncanny magnetic attraction to the centreline - everyone was finding the line beautifully, but having a bit more trouble with the length. We sneaked back on terms. Dean deserves a mention for his brave and precise drive that reversed a losing end. We then scooted away with a four and a three in successive ends. The brave Spice Girls tilt was over. The Shanes A completed a beautiful quadrella with a thumping win on the next rink. (We just missed the trifecta as the Dancing Simones lost by a point to the Bay City Bowlers). Merv suggested all Shanes will have to bowl left-handed next week.

Its been a good start to the season and the smell of Wilgrip, beer and sausages is mighty fine.

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