Sunday, October 15, 2006

Jive talk

I was getting Marcus to read me the prices from an electrical catalogue. "Three hundred and ninety five dollars. Six hundred and ninety dollars. One hundred and thirty nine dollars. Dad, why don't you 'freak me out' and ask me one with four numbers". He actually said it with the quotes, as though it was a bit of new 'jive talk' he was just trying out.

Michael picked up my address book, and happily carried it around for hours, and now has it in bed with him. He was saying "this colouring-in book has no pictures", over and over, and each time with the same surprised tone of voice. Elf pointed out later it was because he was copying a bit of Wiggles dialogue, where Greg is doing magic tricks. On one circuit of the sunroom/bedroom/dining-room loop, he was saying to himself "a goose and a moose, Dr Seuss, as loose as a goose...", then on the next he muttered confidentially "this isn't really a colouring-in book".

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