Monday, October 02, 2006

Shepherd v Leopard

Further to last week's fragment of doggerel, here are a couple of modifications. I wish I had thought of "intrepid".

INTREPID SHEPHERD CONSUMES TEPID LEOPARD ( or "A spot of lunch after leopardy jeopardy")

While a shepherd was shepherding, a leopard was leoparding
With a gleam in its eye and its dream - shepherd pie
So it sprang at the shepherd who, brave and intrepid
With a thump from his staff split the leopard in half
So it rapidly tired and quietly expired.
Now the shepherd was thrifty, resourceful and nifty;
He said "Here is meat for my lunch,
"Though I can't light a fire, indeed I desire
Tepid, peppered leopard to munch"

by J.D. Rees

The shepherd was in leopard jeopardy.
The leopard ate the shepherd rapidly.
Even peppered he tasted very shepherdy.
Renowned, they are , to cool to tepid rapidly

J. R. McTaggart

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