Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Buying bread at the end of the day is dispiriting

We have a good bakery. Not a coffee and friands kind of "bakery" but a place which specialises in sliced white, sliced wholemeal and, for the Fancy Dans, your casalingas and pasta duras. Their bread is lovely, cheap and keeps well. They close at 6pm, and if we haven't managed to get bread there, we are faced with choosing from the Other Breads.

Don't get me wrong, I Iove a fresh crusty loaf of pretty much any real bread. But by 7pm, the shops have only fruit loaf, crumpets, Wondersoft and mysterious brands of similar cheap sliced white that you don't see at any other time. Is there some pool system whereby any part of the country with a temporary bread glut distributes it to corner shops across the land? And it arrives at about the closing time of the bigger shops and proper bakeries?

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