Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Rare Cars

I have an impressive collection of very rare and totally imaginary cars from all over the world. For the interest of any enthusiasts out there, here is an inventory.
  • The Watling Whelk
  • The Uranus Clotheshorse
  • The Limpid 6
  • The Nguyen Wallace Ant-Bear
  • The Trumpet Whetstone
  • The Blaine Nodule 383
  • The de Botton Pyramidé Deux
  • The Curlewis Ampersand
  • The Nevsky Nyet
  • The Spofforth Spiral GLE
  • The Motopolonia Tim 5000
  • The Chesterfield Squab
  • The Hyderabad Mopoke X
  • The Cumberland Aitch
  • The Iberia ¿Quando?
  • The Nanking Most Opulent Baron 9
  • The Giles-Zeitung Havoc
  • The Free Car of the Heroic Workers of Minsk
Some, such as the Nodule and the Ampersand, were made in limited numbers in the 1940s and 50s by small family coachworks in Britain. Others such as the unusual Tim 5000 were turned out in their thousands behind the Iron Curtain, but were so badly made that very few were ever seen in the West. People often ask which is my favourite - how could I possibly answer? But of course, with a rueful wag of the head I will usually admit that after a tough day I like nothing better than hitting the open road in my Clotheshorse Roadster with the top down and the magnetophone on full, disappearing into the twilight.

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