Wednesday, March 16, 2011

School sports day - shock win to Wellington House

Our school is not that big, so it only has two "houses", Derwent and Wellington. The boys are proudly members of the blue house, Derwent. Derwent has won the last eight sports days in a row.

But not today! Marcus ran in one of the last events, a 100m relay. He had come second to Reuben (from Wellington), three time already through the day. He and Reuben ran the last leg for their teams, and again it was Reuben by a nose. The winning team got 28 points, the losing team 21, so if Derwent had won they would have been 14 points better off. Wellington won the day by 13 points. Marcus did the maths, but I don't think he's taking it to hard. He was pretty happy to blame another kid who didn't compete in anything all day.

I saw Michael's Late For School race. The fastest he ran was actually before the start, when he had to go fetch one of his official LFS Race Accoutrements (which are Jumper, Bag, Hat). He competed in everything and had a couple of thirds to show for it.

He was having a great time yelling when I showed up. He loves a good yell. I have a lot of trouble getting him to encourage Marcus when we are watching his races at Little Athletics. Perhaps I just need to emphasise the yelling aspect a little more.

I saw Marcus do his utmost to catch Reuben in the individual 200 metres. Marcus's style is a bit reminiscent of Betty Cuthbert - head back, mouth open. Reuben just smoothly loped along in front and never looked like being caught. Michael and I yelled happily anyway.


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Run like her? In that pic he bloody looks like her!