Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Football season creeping up fast

These pictures are from Our Great Game - The Photographic History Of Australian Football by John Murray. I am stunned by the quality of these images, and the fact I have never seen them before.  I have put up some more here (to avoid drenching this page too heavily in football). If you love football, consider buying this book.

Which you can do here.  It is published by Slattery Media Group to whom I say: sorry I scanned your pics guys, but they have been reproduced for review purposes, pretty much.

Essendon's star full forward John Coleman leaves the tribunal, after last home and away round of 1951 season. He had just been suspended for four weeks for striking, and would miss the Grand Final. Essendon lost by two goals. Shortly after this picture was taken "the impact of the rush of the large waiting crowd hurled Coleman against a traffic signal-box. He struck his head and collapsed on the pavement. He was eventually assisted into one of his friend's cars." Coleman played only 98 VFL matches but averaged 5.48 goals per game.
Johnny Greening of Collingwood is carried off after being felled behind play by St Kilda's Jim O'Dea, 1972. His teammates feared that he was dead. Previously an out-and-out champion, he didn't play football again until 1974, and only played another 9 games before leaving the VFL.


Nobody said...

Egads sir! What fine face foliage!

chris.dadness said...

You mean the side-levers on the bloke holding Greening's head on?

Nobody said...

They're not levers - they are structural!