Sunday, March 06, 2011


I moved my desktop computer upstairs a few months ago, and the space vacated immediately attracted crap. People would walk into the room with something, and just unconsciously walk over and put it down there. Forever. There is another desk in the room, and it too was starting to sag under the weight of last years' kids schoolbooks, heavy tools and various things cunningly transferred to me by Mum and Dad under the catchall "selling their house" excuse.

We have finally achieved broadband, and this means moving the computer downstairs again, so today I carried out a decrapulating exercise. I moved a lot of stuff from under the stairs, and officially designated it a shed. This meant, by the power vested in me, I could bang in nails and hang up tools in there. More of a shedlet really, you can't even stand up in it. But it's got the hacksaw out of the bedroom, and that is undeniably a good thing.

While cleaning I found a bunch of board books set aside for Arthur, who is nearly one. A title I know his mum is going to love is Chunky Farm.

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