Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Soccer update - I know everyone is wondering

I am still playing soccer. It occurred to me recently that if I can keep playing for another 5 years, Marcus will be a strapping 14 year old, and he can join our team. We have subsided (like silt) to the lower division, where we are finding the going a bit easier.

We played our last roster match against a team called Eskimo Pie on Friday - they are on top of the ladder. They beat us 7-5, which means we finished third, and play them again in the semi-final this Friday. I am our main goalscorer, but I didn't manage to score this week. I think they are certainly beatable, but I had better shoot straight this time. I suspect I broke one of my toes a couple of weeks ago, as it's looking pretty fat. If I can keep it out of trouble for a couple more weeks I promise I will give it some rest.

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