Monday, March 21, 2011

Some pictures of the rocks I sailed around today for 8 hours

My boss paid for us all to take a work day off today, and go tuna fishing off the south coast. That's pretty good isn't it? He's a pretty fantastic boss. So I am not going to post any pictures of him asleep in the Big Fish Fighting Chair.

We were out there for eight hours - Steve was very keen to catch some bluefin. We got one bluey, and three stripy tuna, so a pretty quiet day really. After about 5 hours I was ready to get off the boat, to be honest.

We had some casualties. Two workmates threw up early on, then found somewhere to sleep. A third actually spent the whole trip bent over the rail, head down, occasionally getting waveslapped in the face while throwing up. The whole eight hours. Once we were back on land, he pulled himself together and was his usual charming self. Which to my mind wins Effort of the Day.

Nathan's face says "I caught it, but I can't eat it. Or anything else."
Like the tuna, Jeff is strangely attracted to the squiddly lures.


IT IS ALLY said...

Looks like your trip 'rocked!' Snicker.

Friend spoke about fishing yesterday. He said, "I want to catch a giant squid, and inside its stomach is a shark, and inside that shark's stomach is a person, and inside that person's stomach is squid rings." Make of that what you will.

chris.dadness said...

Flirted with the "rock" puns myself and thought better of it. But it suits you, sir.

I LIKE the idea of humans featuring as part of a terducken. A kind of fractal terducken.

And I have first dibs on that as a band name, Ally.

Wendy said...

Did it occur to you that the trip might not have been a "reward". Your boss might actually hate a few of you.

chris.dadness said...

Good point Wendy. He did keep cackling and rubbing his hands together in a slightly creepy way.