Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ever popular netball team names

The one thing that still seems to drive new visitors to my blog is: a hunger for netball team names. Four of my top ten search terms are
  • netball team names
  • netball team names ideas
  • netball team names list
  • good netball team names
So, to demonstrate I am in touch with what the people want, here are some more suggestions. [I want to stress that these are the very best I can do. I am not keeping any back for later. I am not sucking you in to a free service, only to later offer Premium Subscription Only netball team names.]
  • Bathplug Bandits
  • Pug Rubbers
  • Onion Bunks
  • Spongefrocks
  • Boatwhisks
  • Trout Stanleys
  • Choice Snoods
  • Slippery Shoefoots
  • Le Sheeps
  • Helena Handbaskets
  • Collapsing Scones
  • Double Daptos
  • Mud Puppets
  • Fat Rakes
  • Captain Stubings
  • Sky Pikelets
  • Okra Basins
  • Chad Rabbits
  • Fox Boggle
  • Steam Punnets


Nobody said...

Somebody has to mention the fact that 'Lady Teams' often rely on the world of ornithology. So I'd be expecting names containing some of our fevourite feathered friends as the Thrush and the Tit (fnar)

chris.dadness said...

Actually I think the trend is meteorology, with an emphasis on heat and humidity. Heat, Blaze, Thunder, Hurricane. So taking and your bird theme on board, my top suggestions would be Clammy Budgies, Flushed Terns and Scalded Owls.

Anonymous said...

One Fat Man.

My Sister has had me playing in her mixed team made up of all very Skinny beautiful good looking types and me 140kg of what can only be discibed as Fat cause jelly dont woble like me. So my ever so kindly Sister thought to name the team "One Fat Man" which is up on the Electronic score board thing for the world to see every game. mmmmm nice!!

chris.dadness said...

It says a lot for you that you keep fronting up and giving 110% all the same. It actually sounds like a pretty good gig - nice one. If I played netball I would proudly wear my bib down the shops.

Whippit said...

I have played in various teams - my favourite name so far - 'Cunning Stunts'

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Sam P said...

Hi there, we've tried to compile a list of the best netball team names but have struggled to get beyond about 49! Can you think any more? We ideally want funny names e.g.

The Mighty Morphin Flower Arrangers
Norfolk n Chance

Nobody said...

Returning to the ornithology / meteorology mix - how about Hot Thrush?

(I think Abbott has Clammy Budgies sewn up)