Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Just found some more cars

Blow me down - I have just remembered I have a whole 'nother hangar out the back stacked full of redundant yet notable (non-existent) automobiles. Would you believe I have, in more or less mint condition;
  • a Bishop Spong Sportswagon
  • an original Stubing Superior driverless bus
  • a 1956 Classic Clerihew light lorry
  • a Nutley Six, cut down into a ute
  • a Hokusai Scrimshaw 1200 ride-on wheelbarrow
  • a Wrigley Osiris Five submersible car
  • the aqua Sussex Tong forklift that appears in the opening credits of On The Buses
  • an Oxbow Peril P100 fire engine
  • the front half of a Munster Shark tourer welded to the back half of a Munster SuperTrout delivery van
  • a Nesbitt Zanzibar hearse
  • and a 1972 Lamington Ark Royal Princess armoured car (fastback)
Due to straightened circumstances I am open to any offer on these unique (yet sadly imaginary) commercial vehicles. No tyre-kickers please.

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