Sunday, March 06, 2011

Shooting Stars with Vic and Bob

This show hasn't been on in Australia as far as I know. I thought this was a hoot. [The sound starts bad but gets better.]


Nobody said...

As is the way with English game shows, Mark Lamaar (not his real name) hosted his own panel show called Never mind the Buzzcocks.

chris.dadness said...

At first I thought he was Limahl but he's too normal.

By the by: Steven 'TinTin' Duffy. Popstars with real names AND nicknames. Bring it back!

Nobody said...

From memory Mark Lamahl's haircut is frequently referred to as 'The Duck's Arse'. I watched the show a lot when in London...although sadly I didn't dwell in Putney!

Bloody Hell. Today's kaptcha is 'dedaerio'. When did Blogger go all 'Decameron' on us?

chris.dadness said...

This is also TV gold.

Georgie Dawes ("he's a BABY!!") sings a song about his inventions. On the table beside him: a shoe, a small tree, and a box of tissues.