Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan and Haiti

I wrote this elsewhere a couple of days ago:
Like everyone, I am shocked by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan - incredible devastation. Who knows where the death toll might end up?

For perspective, I looked up the Haiti earthquake from just over a year ago. Estimates vary, but something like 230,000 people died, and 300,000 were injured. So what I am telling myself is a) don't forget about helping Haiti and b) a year on from now when its off the front page, don't forget about helping Japan.
Now the nuclear power stations are scaring the bejesus out of everyone - they are so close to Tokyo. It's too soon to rule out a Chernobyl-size disaster happening, on top of the earthquake and tsunami. So maybe we are in the midst of something unprecedentedly awful. And it's not the time to be saying "You think this is bad? Geez!"

But still. Haiti eh? I don't think I ever got around to sending any help. So I had a look around and I reckon this a pretty sound bunch of guys to go through. You can tell by their daggy website that they've got their priorities right.

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